Dell 1700n/1710n Driver for XP/Win7

Today I learned something interesting while updating/migrating printers from our old server (Server 2003) to our new print server ( Server 2008 R2). When HP says Universal Print Driver they mean it!

In our district we have about 10-15 Dell Laser 1710/1720 printers. I was having a really tough time finding a driver that supported XP/Windows 7 for our new server. After a few days of trying every driver on the planet from dells website and contacting dell support I figured I would try HPs UPD. Who would of thought, it worked! I loaded upthe  HP Universal Printing PCL 5 driver for all our 1700 series and and it worked flawless. They have been up for over 3 weeks in our school district and yet to have a hiccup.

Driver Download

HP Universal Print Drivers 

The 1700s are the only printer I’ve tried the UPD on. If you know of others let me know below!

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  1. With this driver will it let you print edge to edge. We’ve got around 17 of these printers and was needing a pcl driver, but didn’t want to change them if it wasn’t going to fix my problem which is needing the ability to print edge to edge for a application we use.

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