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Welcome to my domain. (ha get it?) Let me introduce myself. My name is Cory Fiala and I enjoy working with technology. I’ve been working in this field for the last 10+ years and I’m currently a senior network technician for a local K-12 school district. In my free time, I’m building websites with WordPress for myself or others.

This site is a great place to get in touch with me along with seeing some of my previous work. I also run a blog which I post handy tricks I’ve learned and feel they were worth sharing. Anyways take a look around and enjoy!


Starting out in a small family owned computer shop to present day working in the K-12 environment has thought me the core differences between personal and enterprise hardware/software. Its been awesome seeing each grow and how much they change over the years.


All my sites are built on the famous WordPress content management systems. It’s easy yet powerful enough to handle all your needs. With the ever expanding plugin database and theme designers it will save you thousands of dollars instead of hiring custom theme designers.

Favorite Utility

One of my favorite tools is ShareX. The amount of time a screen sharing utility has saved me is tremendous! This program can take anything from screenshots to screen recordings and upload them to your favorite site online such as Google Drive or your own domain!

Quickbooks Pro Error H202 H204 Multi-User Mode Not Working

Recently spent a couple days trying to figure out why Quickbooks Pro 2015 multi-user mode wouldn't work. Our Environment Server - QB Pro 2015 Windows Server 2012 R2 4 Cores 12 Gbs 10 GB network connection 3 workstations running same QB Pro 2015 and latest updates...

Office 2016 KMS Keys Won’t Volume Activation Server

If you are missing the KMS keys from the MVLSC for office 2016 then you need to contact Microsoft at to get your MAK key converted to KMS. If you want to call them, use this number: (866) 230-0560 Here is the format of my email to them:  ...

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