vSphere HA Failover operation in progress – Stuck Warning Message

Recently updated my VxRail serves and noticed I’m stuck with a warning on my cluster and a blue informational warning:

vSphere HA failover operation in progress in cluster VxRail-Cluster in datacenter VxRail-Datacenter: 0 VMs being restarted, 3 VMs waiting for a retry, 0 VMs waiting for resources, 0 inaccessible vSAN VMs

How to fix it

  1. Select your cluster, Hosts and Clusters
  2. Right click the cluster and select Settings
  3. Under Services select vSphere Availability
  4. Click Edit (upper right)
  5. Toggle vSphere HA to OFF
  6. Click OK
  7. Wait until the tasks are complete
  8. Edit vSphere DRS again, and toggle it ON.
  9. Click OK.

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1 thought on “vSphere HA Failover operation in progress – Stuck Warning Message”

  1. I think you meant in the last instruction:
    “Edit vSphere Availability again” and not “Edit vSphere DRS again”.
    Am I right?

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