How To Generate A Log Bundle in vSphere for VxRail | Dell Support Request

I was recently asked to generate a log bundle for Dell support but I’ve never done this before and figured I would share how to do this which turns out is pretty easy once you know where to look.

Select your Cluster > Configure > VxRail section > Troubleshooting

Create VxRail Log Collection

Select Create and select the data to include in the log bundle. Typically they just ask for it all. Then click Generate.

Select the data to include in the log collection bundle

NOTE: It will take awhile to create the bundle. My last one took almost 20mins.

Once this is completed you’ll end up with a .zip file that you’ll send over to Dell. Typically the tech will provide you some temp FTP credentials to upload to then you send the tech the link via your SR.

Select the completed log bundle and download it.

That’s it!

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