Ricoh Aficio MP 301 – PDF and Senders Name

So I always forget these 2 settings when setting up a new Richo Aficio MP 301 SPF on our network to support scan to email. This is also true for most all aficios.

First thing I forget to do is set the senders name. Seems like every time I can’t find it since I think its poorly labeled and have to search online forever! Hopefully this will save someone the headaches its always caused me.


1) Sender’s name not selected. Please contact your administrator

Fix: To enable Auto Specify Sender’s Name, follow this click path: User Tools > System Settings > File Transfer > Auto Specify Sender’s Name (Choose On).




2) How to set the send type as pdf not tiff

  1. Press the [Home] key on the top left of the control panel, and press the [Scanner] icon on the [Home] screen.
    Home key illustration

  2. Make sure that no previous settings remain.If a previous setting remains, press the [Reset] key.
  3. Press the [Email] tab.
    Operation panel screen illustration

  4. Place originals.
  5. If necessary, select [Send Settings] or [Original], and specify scan settings according to the original you want to scan.Example: Scanning the document in color/duplex mode, and saving as a PDF file.
    • Press [Original], and then press [2 Sided].
    • Press [Send Settings]. Select [Type of Original], and then press [Full Colour].
    • Press [Send Settings]. Select [File Type], and then press [PDF].
  6. Specify the destination.You can specify multiple destinations.
  7. Press [Down arrow keyin [Send Settings] twice, select [Sender Name], and then specify the e-mail sender (originator).
  8. To use the Message Disposition Notification function, select [Send Settings], press [Down arrow keyfour times, and then press [Reception Notice].If you select [Reception Notice], the selected e-mail sender will receive e-mail notification when the e-mail recipient has opened the e-mail.
  9. Press the [Start] key.
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  1. Is this setting (Auto Specify Sender’s Name) anywhere in the web console? I’m setting up an MP301 remotely and they can’t send. Everything else is set.

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