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Canon Department ID Management Not Working After Print Server Migration or Setup

Today was one of those days, I migrated our old print server (2012 R2) to Server 2022 and it went way to smoothly for printers. Sure enough a day later we get calls the canon ID management won’t verify.

Could not verify the Department ID and PIN specified in Department ID Mgmt. Printing will be cancelled

We’ve tested multiple accounts, created a new one and it’s still not being accepted. WTF!

Turns out there is a little program packaged with canon drivers that’s need to be installed on the server.

Client Error Message


You are missing the “Canon Driver Information Assist Service”.

Canon Driver Information Assist Service

The installer comes with the driver download once you extract it there will be a folder called misc and you should see DiasSetup.msi inside. Run the installer and your ids should work again.

Server 2022 at this time, I had to run the installer in combability mode to get the service to install properly.

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Cory Fiala

Technology and outdoor enthusiast. Currently the sole systems administrator for a local K-12 school district with 800+ staff and 5,500+ students. I support windows servers, Linux systems (FreeBSD and Ubuntu), along with vSphere (4 node cluster). 60+ virtual machines and 8 physical servers. This doesn't include my personal homelab.

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