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How to Remove Fake Department of Justice / FBI virus

Below are the steps to removing the very pesky DOT / FBI virus that has been going around the last year. They’ve changed it a little bit but never the less its exactly the same.


Overview of Steps

  1. Turn on the PC and boot into Safe Mode (Tap F8 when its booting)
  2. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”
  3. Download MalwareBytes (Upper Right corner “Download Latest Version”)
  4. Install and Update Malwarebytes
  5. Start Malwarebytes and select “Preform Full Scan” and click Scan
  6. When its complete restart your Computer and everything should be back to normal


How do I boot into safe mode?
Every machine maybe a little different, but most machines you press F8 while your computer is booting. Here is Microsofts how to.

Where can I find Malwarebytes home page?





Mailwarebytes Main Menu
Mailwarebytes Main Menu
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