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Letters Missing When Printing | T and I

Lately in the last 2-3 weeks I’ve had complaints of missing letters when printing off documents. Below is the issue described from the coworker.

When I print from my computer to any printer, it is not printing  T’s or I’s when they are next to each other..  I have tried saving in  PDF and going about it that way.  But no luck this morning.  It started last week with an excel document but then didn’t happen again until today.

I sent the PDF file to a coworker and it printed perfectly for him.

After briefly browsing Google for fixes I realized tons of users are having this same issue.

Some Fixes

  • Calibri font issue – change the front and try to print it again – Download a fresh copy here.
  • Run Office Repair
  • Removing the Xerox WorkCentre printer and re-adding with new drivers (making sure to replace existing drivers)

We’ve confirmed that the issue is the font as changing it to anything else it prints fine.

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