VSSAdmin Unable to create shadow copy fix (7001)

I’ve been noticing some application errors on our file server “VSS (7001)”.

These are due to volume shadow copy which is enabled in disk management per drive. My issue is from not disabling VSS on drives I’ve removed so the task schedule is still trying to run.

How to Fix The Error

  • First lets list all the drives with with VSS. Open powershell (run as admin) and enter:
vssadmin list volumes
vssadmin list volumes

Now we need to compare the columns with the event log. In my case I’m looking at the events though Xymon.

Xymon Event Log Errors

As you can see all the volume names don’t match anything in the powershell command we ran.

  • Open up the task scheduler and locate Shadow Copy Jobs
Task Scheduler

From the screenshot you can see there are 4 that the last run result has an error (0x2).

  • Compare the scheduled jobs and delete ones that no longer exist comparing the powershell command and the event log.

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