Godaddy Managed Wordpress Maximum upload file size Increase

Contacted Godaddy today wondering if its possible to increase their default maxium file size from 64 MB and the answer I got was yes!

After trying numerous ways such as editing php.ini or adding some lines to your themes functions.php file I gave up and contacted my host.

Basically you create a file add some lines and upload it. Below are the steps.

  1. Open Notepad and add the following changing the size to your liking:
  2. upload_max_filesize = 128M
    post_max_size = 128M
    memory_limit = 128M
    max_execution_time = 600
    max_input_vars = 4000

  3. Save As: .user.ini (be sure to change the save type to All files)
  4. Upload this file to the directory our .htaccess file is located in. Typically the default home dir.
  5. Changes take up to 45 minutes. Go grab a beer and come back later to check if it worked!
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Cory Fiala

Technology and outdoor enthusiast. Currently the sole systems administrator for a local K-12 school district with 800+ staff and 5,500+ students. I support windows servers, Linux systems (FreeBSD and Ubuntu), along with vSphere (4 node cluster). 60+ virtual machines and 8 physical servers. This doesn't include my personal homelab.


  1. Cory, thanks for this new info. I guess when GoDaddy updates, the old “php.ini” or “.htaccess” ways changes. You saved me the time having to call customer service, so 1990s of them…. 🙂

  2. Yes, It work! But I still can not upload a lager file (1GB). I set :
    post_max_size = 2G
    upload_max_filesize = 2G
    memory_limit = 1G

    Upload Ajax status code is : 413

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