Archify – Archive you online history

Ever wonder how you can just archive your whole online adventure? Well its possible and this is where Archify comes in. All you need to do is install a browser add on.

  • All your browsing history and social network updates in one place.
  • Easily search your archive to find the websites you’ve already seen and your social network updates.
  • Get a personal interactive report featuring weekly insights and usage statistics of your web and social footprints.

Can’t remember that tweet from last week? That article from last month? Or that movie review you saw?

archify captures a screenshot and the full text of every page you see, together with all the updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can save your archive in a private folder within your Gmail, or simply look it up on your own search page.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Worried about your privacy and security? Check this out. 


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