Xymon – Ignore SNAP INODE and DISK

I’ve recently started digging into Xymon. This NMM solution was setup by my previous boss and I’ve grown to love it even though it’s not the prettiest.

Anyways I’ve had an issue for awhile with 3 servers that I couldn’t get to ignore SNAP. Todays the day I finallly figured it out.

On the xymon server edit the analysis.cfg file. Ours is located /usr/local/www/xymon/server/etc/

At the top of the config file add the following and save your file. Note: the * is a wild card so this rule will match all servers.

    DISK %^/snap IGNORE
    INODE %^/snap/.+ IGNORE

No need to restart any services. Give Xymon a few minutes and it should turn green!

My mistake initially was adding the settings to the end of the config file so it was getting overwritten.



3 thoughts on “Xymon – Ignore SNAP INODE and DISK”

  1. Great stuff – I’m a fan of XYMon – it does the job well (even though, as you say it’s not the prettiest). Used this today for a Ubuntu Host that we’re using for container hosting. Thanks for blogging the fix

  2. Thank you for this. The documentation is a bit sparse but I finally found your site so I too could get help fixing this. Just the disk have turned green but there’s still lingering red at the edge but no red host services. I didn’t make my attempts at editing the config files bu putting data at the end but rather in the section where the details and explanation of the DISK command and that was not working for me either. But sure enoughsome 5 or so minutes later everything went green. This is becoming tedious and frustrating because I had been following what I believe were the proper procedures but in the end the edit has the best chance of working if you put it at the top of the file like you said. That’s what ultimately worked for me.


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