Xymon – Ignore SNAP INODE and DISK

I’ve recently started digging into Xymon. This NMM solution was setup by my previous boss and I’ve grown to love it even though it’s not the prettiest.

Anyways I’ve had an issue for awhile with 3 servers that I couldn’t get to ignore SNAP. Todays the day I finallly figured it out.

On the xymon server edit the analysis.cfg file. Ours is located /usr/local/www/xymon/server/etc/

At the top of the config file add the following and save your file. Note: the * is a wild card so this rule will match all servers.

    DISK %^/snap IGNORE
    INODE %^/snap/.+ IGNORE

No need to restart any services. Give Xymon a few minutes and it should turn green!

My mistake initially was adding the settings to the end of the config file so it was getting overwritten.



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Cory Fiala

Technology and outdoor enthusiast. Anything from desktops to servers with a side of mountain biking and skiing. Life is good!

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