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Allow Others to Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive

EntourageBox has set out to making it easy for you to allow your friends/family to upload files to your personal cloud folders. Its much better then handing over your username and password to your mother, father, best friend, or whomever it might be.  This service currently works with Amazon Web Services S3 Bucket, Dropbox Folder, and Google Drive.

EntourageBox is the easy way to invite friends to upload files to your Cloud storage folders.

Let go over the steps involved. EntourageBox walks you through this painless process. Follow the photos below!

EntourageBox Step 1
Step 1


Step 2
Step 2


Step 3
Step 3



EntourageBox Step 4
Step 4


When you get your confirmation email there will be a link you must click to deactivate the upload link. (See pic 3)

Thats it! Your done!

Visit EntourageBox.com to get started!


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