Powershell – Export users and select attributes from a single OU

Recently needed to find a way to export all staff into a csv file with only their name and EmployeeID.

First I ran the GET-ADuser command below for a single user. This will display all the user’s attributes. Be sure to change username to a domain user.

get-aduser username -Properties *

Now that you have a file with all the attribues fine the attribues names and copy them out.

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * -SearchBase "OU=Staff,OU=_District-Delegated,DC=EXAMPLE,DC=k12,DC=or,DC=us" | Select-Object name, EmployeeID | export-csv -path C:\Temp\staff_employeeID_2020.csv

You’ll now have a csv file with all the user names and Employee ID’s if those are the attributes you selected.

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