Server 2008

The user profile service service failed the logon Fix

We’ve noticed with some windows 7 updates lately (we run enterprise x64) random machines won’t load new profiles. After a…

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Solidworks License Server | Setup

This week we are setting up a new CAD lab with 38 machines. Were going from 2012 to 2013. Unfortunately…

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How to Set the Default Windows Logon Option

We currently use this to allow computer labs to auto login to generic network accounts when the computer is turned…

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Deploying Printers via Group Policy

We have a mixed environment of XP and Windows 7. Of course this doesn’t make things any easier trying to support both…

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Delete Print Jobs that won’t delete

***Note that when you stop the print spooler service and delete the print jobs, you will have to delete ALL…

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There are 2 diffident ways of finding what your current kms key count is. They both do the same but some may prefer one…

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How to Migrate Windows Deployment Services to a new Server

Step 1 Stop both WDS Services  Step 2 Copy your RemoteInstall directory. By default its located C:RemoteInstall (REMINST) unless you…

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Deploy Office 2010 with Group Policy

Site Credit:

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Server 2008 R2 Printers

Brief Intro Our district is spread over 11 schools and 4 department buildings with over 2000+ PC’s and 134 printers. With that…

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