.htaccess fix non www pointing to www


Recently I noticed one of my forums sometimes wasn’t saving users choices of remembering them or allowing them to stay logged in. This is due to the cookie thinking www.domain.com and doamin.com (without www) as 2 different sites. Below are two pieces of code to fix this issue.   Note: Be sure to put it at the top of your ... Read More »

The user profile service service failed the logon Fix

the user profile service service failed the logon

We’ve noticed with some windows 7 updates lately (we run enterprise x64) random machines won’t load new profiles. After a ton of searching online I stumbled upon one that got us back online. Our fix was searching the machine for all .sqm files and deleting them! To do this browse to your C: and in the upper right of the ... Read More »

iOS 8.1.1 Ringtone and Text Tone Bug


Below is my recent chat with Apple about buying a text tone on my new iPhone 6 yet I’m unalbe to download it. According to them this is a bug in the software and the engineers are working on a fix. Jenn Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Jenn. Please give me a moment to look over ... Read More »

HP LaserJet 500 color M551 | Transfer Roller


Our color printer started putting red dots on every print job. After inspecting all the cartridges I opened the right door assembly and noticed the ink has soaked into the roller. After 30-45min of searching I finally was able to find a name for the device along with a part number. Below are the resources I found. PDF about Secondary ... Read More »

WDS Sever 2012 R2 Unable to Capture Image 0xc000000f


Recently built a new WDS (Windows Deployment Server) and everything went smooth. Were transiting from Server 2008 to 2012 R2. Upon importing our old images to the new one and testing it out, everything worked great! That was until we tried to capture a new image. We kept receiving the error below. Error Message Boot Manager: Windows failed to start. ... Read More »

Factory Reset HP Laserjet P2015


Instructions Turn off your HP LaserJet P2015 printer. Press and hold the “Go” button located on the printer’s control panel while turning the machine back on. Release the “Go” button when the triangular “Attention” light on the control panel illuminates. The factory default settings for the printer will load once you have released the “Go” button on the control panel. Read More »

Microsoft Office Will Not Let Me Type | Disable Add-Ins

Microsoft Office Add-Ins 2013 Word Disable

Recently I ran into a users computer where office 2013 (word) would not let the user type until they open another blank document. The cause: Add-Ins. In this video tutorial I’ll walk you though how to disable all Add-ins. Wondering what they are? They come along with 3rd party programs you install and hope to “enhance” your office productivity. Essentially ... Read More »

Ricoh Aficio MP 301SP / 301SPF | PDF Default


Having a few Richos and renewing our contracts results in new malfunction printers. Which also means setting back up your network settings, address books  and everything else.  Below is on crucial setting for us and that is setting the default send settings to PDF instead of TIFF. I don’t believe this can be done though the web interface.  Directions below are ... Read More »