Disable Adobe Reader and Java Update Notifications | Group Policy


In a corporate/education environment you want to make the staffs life as easy as possible. You get a mixed of experienced users with technology and some that are barely able to turn it on. So disabling all the notifications is a great idea! How To Disable Adobe Reader Notifications  Create a new Group Policy Computer Config > Preferences > Windows Settings ... Read More »

Windows XP – MsMpEng.exe application error 0x5a4d684d

error banner

Yesterday 4-15-14 Microsoft released an update to System Center Endpoint Protections which led to machines being unusable. This seems to be only affecting XP machines. We have yet to have a Windows 7 machine with the same issue. Upon turning your computer on your greeted with this message: MsMpEng.exe application error 0x5a4d684d re memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not ... Read More »

How To Disable Google Chrome Now Desktop Alerts

Disable Google Chrome Now Desktop Alerts Notifications

To turn off the new notifications, you have a couple different options. First off, you can just disable the Google Now notifications: Click the bell icon in the lower-right corner of your screen on Windows, or in the menu bar on your Mac Click the gear icon Uncheck the “Google Now” box That disables the Google Now notifications but leaves ... Read More »

Canon iR-ADV 6255 Reset Password | Maintenance Mode

Canon iR-ADV 6255 maintenance mode service

I recently needed to reset the password for the main account. So I called our copier guys and he told me over the phone how to get into maintenance mode. I was able to follow the steps but the beginning part took me a while to get it figured out. Never did find the easy way. Just kept pressing them till the ... Read More »

Where is Picture Manager for Office 2013?

Office 2013 Official Logo

About Picture Manager With Microsoft Office Picture Manager you can manage, edit, share, and view your pictures from where you store them on your computer. The Locate Pictures feature helps you find your pictures with powerful search, and when you find them, Picture Manager can correct your pictures, if needed. Use the picture editing tools to crop, expand, or copy ... Read More »

Run a Program As A Standard Users With Admin Rights


The following will allow a program that requires admin rights to run by saving the admin credentials. This will prompt you once for a password then stores its. Create a normal Short-Cut to application.exe on the desktop. Right-click the short-cut and select Properties. In the Target box, insert the following before the path to application.exe: runas /savecred /user:administrator  Double-click the ... Read More »

How to Clean your DNS and Temp Files


Users have reported slow internet speeds in Windows 8. This is due to expired and invalid DNS records. Also known as “DNS Spoofing”. Other occurrences can be from web servers changing their IP address. To fix some of these issues you should flush your DNS and delete your temp files. Directions below. What IS DNS? DNS stands for “domain name ... Read More »

Solidworks License Server | Setup

Solidworks Logo 2013 Install Guide and Transfer License

This week we are setting up a new CAD lab with 38 machines. Were going from 2012 to 2013. Unfortunately we were running the license server off a old XP machine that sat in the closet. Since then we have been migrating our servers to our virtual servers. So we created a new server and called it CAD and will ... Read More »

Adobe Acrobat Reader | PDF Preview Fix


I’ve ran into a few machines recently where users outlook no longer showing the preview for pdfs in outlook. (2010 and 2013) After searching it seems to be an issue with x64 bit versions of windows. Preview Handler Preview handlers are lightweight components which let you view various file types within programs like Windows Explorer (in Windows Vista and Windows ... Read More »